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YouTube Ads Course AKA Google Ads Video Campaigns

An Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies & Business Owners.

The content of the YouTube ads course consists of the following 23 modules:

  • Formats: In-stream ads
  • Features: CTA assets
  • Features: Image companion banners
  • Setup of conversions (Google Ads Tag, Google Tag Manager)
  • Formats: In-feed video ads (former video Discovery)
  • Formats: Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Formats: Bumper ads
  • Campaign subtypes: Video action campaigns
  • Features: Lead forms in video action campaigns
  • Campaign types: Video reach campaigns
  • Campaign types: Target frequency
  • Campaign types: Video ad sequencing
  • Features: Video experiments
  • Features: Related videos
  • Features: Dynamic lineups in video campaigns
  • Features: Location assets
  • Features: YouTube remarketing
  • Formats: YouTube masthead
  • Features: YouTube brand lift
  • Advanced measurement and optimization suggestions
  • Creative universal best practices
  • Additional recommendations for effective videos
  • Elements of a brand

Get access to the first 3 modules of the YouTube Ads course for free!

In case you want to start a successful digital marketing agency.

It’s really true that this business model is currently considered to be one of the most attractive, lucrative, and rewarding in many different ways and I guess I don’t need to explain to you why.

I suppose that you may have doubts regarding the fact that you don’t have enough skills to both land your own clients and deliver results. I’ve been working in marketing for many years and I absolutely share your concerns because I’ve been there myself.

If you’d asked me about this 5 years ago, I would confirm that you definitely need a lot of time and effort to learn the ins and outs of popular advertising platforms and marketing strategies in general, however, things have changed since then. And I should say that I have good news for you.

Advertising platforms are getting simplified every single year and are taking control out of advertisers’ hands to make the process of getting quality traffic to your website even easier.

Just have a look at the industry leaders in the face of Google and Facebook. So-called «Smart campaigns» are getting more and more common and, let’s face it, very effective. Targeting has started to be more and more automated and even AI-based. And this process will continue, believe me, whether you like it or not. It’s as inevitable as an abundance of electronics in the modern automotive industry.

As you may have already guessed, this means that many traditional digital advertising agencies will either start losing their job or will need to adjust to new realities.

And what are they? It’s pretty easy to guess if you really think about it but I will give you a small hint. What is left to the user when most of the settings are automated? Creatives and the website itself. This is what will still belong to the user, that is an advertiser. And what type of creatives? Text ads? Yes, of course, they will always be available like printed media and television, but the ultimate type of creative that already exists is definitely a video.

Get access to the first 3 modules of the YouTube Ads course for free!

Why? People buy with emotions and then justify it with logic. People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. Nothing can trigger emotions better than the video format for obvious reasons. In addition to this, video format is best for telling a story.

To sum it up, people who do everything that is somehow connected to creating videos will be in great demand in the following years, and you can be sure of it. We, as marketers, can leverage the skill of advertising those videos and making them sell. Fortunately, every popular advertising platform nowadays already provides an opportunity to do so with YouTube being the main of them, and it’s a fact. See where I’m getting with this?

YouTube is a modernized type of TV and the skill of using this platform to influence the minds and buying decisions of thousands of people by showing relevant ads to them is already extremely valuable and will become even more valuable each year.

In the above video, I explain the importance of YouTube ads and provide many reasons why this is what all marketers should currently focus on if they want to run a successful digital advertising agency in 2023 and beyond. Watch the video above if you haven’t done so yet and start building your modern digital agency today.

In case you’re a business owner and already run some ads and are not satisfied with them.

Are you currently running Google or other online ads for your business and are not satisfied with their performance? What do you personally think is the reason behind the low amount or a total absence of sales? Well, if someone else does it for you, then there may be some additional reasons for this and I will mention this in the next paragraph, but the topic of this paragraph is a bit different. I have around 7 years of experience with online ads 5 of which I spent working as a Google Ads support agent and people often ask me to check out their ads and help to improve them.

Most people think that the reason for the bad performance lies in the settings of their campaign itself, which may be true to some extent. However, according to my observations, in most cases the main reason is different and it’s more global. Most advertisers direct traffic from their text ads (and rarely image ads) to their website where they expect users to immediately take a low funnel action such as a purchase of their product or service.

Taking into account the nature of text ads and the absence of any personalization on the website in most cases, I’ll be straight with you and say that it’s very naive to expect a conversion rate that most advertisers expect to see. The internet has become competitive and with many companies offering almost identical products and services, a business should possess its own ways of differentiation to justify the decision of a buyer.

Obviously, you can leverage such well-known points of difference such as a price, selection of products, quality of the product, convenience of use and its functionality, appearance, or design but even this is very challenging in most situations and can’t be considered a long-term strategy because your competitors can do the same. What is really powerful is building your own brand.

A brand is a trustworthy promise that helps you to tell a story and make people feel themselves a part of it, build relationships, make people feel that you’re not selling to them, but you’re helping them, and, obviously, convince a customer to purchase from you over your competitors.

Get access to the first 3 modules of the YouTube Ads course for free!

People buy change, a solution to their problem with emotions, and then justify it with logic. In many instances people don’t actually buy what they need, they buy what they want. The brand consists of several elements the main ones being the already mentioned story and values. Stories help you to relate to your client, motivate and educate him. As for the values, you need to share beliefs with your customers and show that you stand for the same as the values are bigger than the product.

I hope that now you better understand the reason why the conversion rate on your website is not as high as on,, or other websites of well-established brands and why brands can charge more for products that are basically the same or almost the same. People trust them and are loyal to their products and services. This is what really matters.

Building a brand in the eyes of your potential customers is a marketing activity that should be continuous and consistent. Obviously, it consists of several steps where you interact with the same people by delivering them different messages. In other words, this is called a sales funnel. This is exactly why big companies always leave their branding campaigns with different creatives on. However, this doesn’t mean that it should necessarily take a long time to see a positive impact of your branding activities on your lower-funnel actions such as leads and sales.

If you want to know the fastest, most effective, and cost-efficient way of building a successful brand with Google Ads to take your business to a completely different level, watch my video above if you haven’t yet done so where I explain how my YouTube ads course can help you do this.

In case you’re already working with some agency that runs ads for you and you’re not satisfied with the results.

If you’re a business owner, are you currently collaborating with some agency that runs Google ads for you or are you looking for someone of that kind to do this for you? If you already work with someone, most probably, you pay them good monthly fees and are not quite sure what you pay for because the results are mediocre. Guess what, I bet they don’t really care about your business and implement the simplest strategy that possibly exists.                     

A friend of mine works for a company that pays their agency a high percentage for every lead they generate for them, however, even this doesn’t motivate them to just keep an eye on simple campaign managing stuff. For example, one of their campaigns was serving with promotional ad text that is no longer relevant. So you get the level of their support.

All they want are your monthly recurring fees that in many cases depend on the percentage of the advertising budget that they just need to spend in order to get money to pay for their own ads, salaries for their young employees who barely know marketing, and a fancy office in the city center.

Just like scammy car mechanics, they want to get your money fast with as little work as possible. I used to communicate with them when working as a Google Ads support agent and remember them being stressed about the fact that the ads were not spending all the available budget for this or that reason. First I did not understand why they just had a goal to spend it no matter what and explained that the system tries to show ads to relevant users only.

Pro-tip number 1. If you’re a small or medium business, the smaller the company that is doing something for you, the better. (I worked in big companies myself and know how things work there.) A small business or a freelancer often does his best to make you happy because he values every customer, wants a good review, is interested in building long-term relationships, and approaches the customer personally

My Google Ads Gig in Fiverr. So yes, I also work as a freelancer.

On the other hand, a large company can oftentimes afford to treat you the way they think is just enough for you to stay with them because they already have a reputation. Even if you leave them one day, they think that this won’t be a problem as they will easily acquire another customer just like you and this is true to a certain extent.

Another pro-tip and my main point is that online ads nowadays are not rocket science and it’s a myth that you definitely need someone to set up and run them for you. It may be true for larger companies with lots of products or in case you’re really busy, but in most cases, like in many other spheres of our life, people who specialize in something tend to overcomplicate things in order to confuse you and make money out of it.

There is definitely certain knowledge that you need to know to understand what you’re doing, not to make mistakes and not to waste your advertising budget, however, I’ll be straight with you and say that it’s possible to acquire this knowledge very fast. It all depends on which path you choose.

The main problem here is that with the amount of information that is available on the web today, it can be really difficult to differentiate between what is really useful and what is not. Due to various reasons, unfortunately, not all people who write or say something on the internet really know what they are talking about. This is exactly what makes the learning process seem tough and time-consuming.

Get access to the first 3 modules of the YouTube Ads course for free!

I’ve been there, guys, and know what it feels like. Another way of learning something is doing it from your own mistakes and I should say that this method is even more complicated and takes more time. Apart from this, in the case of the paid ads that we’re talking about, it also comes with a very likely loss of your advertising budget. If you have ever launched an advertising campaign on any platform, you probably understand how easy it is to pour down the drain a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars. Well, companies who have developed those systems are not non-profit organizations either.

So what I want to say guys is that the most efficient way of learning a skill is learning from someone who has the information you need, has already made the mistakes for you, or like in my case, also seen other people do them.

Yes, as I already mentioned I spent 5 years of my life working as a Google Ads support agent where I’ve had an opportunity to both learn how things are ideally supposed to work and how they work in reality. As you probably understand, people contact the support of any product for a reason. That’s why I don’t conceal the fact that in many cases, people contacted me when something bad already happened and I’ll be honest with you that sometimes I really regretted not being able to advise those people beforehand.

Now I have a perfect opportunity to continue helping business owners just like you but before you make those mistakes. As a teacher by education, today I combine my education, many years of practical experience in marketing, as well as a personal passion for online traffic to teach business owners how to effectively advertise their business on Google and moreover, do it cost-efficiently.

If you want to know the best online strategy that can take your business to a different level, watch the video above if you haven’t yet done so.