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Google Ads Consulting Services

As you probably already know from other posts in the How We Can Help menu of our website, we offer Google Ads coaching sessions that contain elements of consulting, however, as we realize that there can be situations where our expertise is needed fast, we have decided to also include a form of cooperation that can be defined as a traditional consulting in the area of Google Ads and closely related products.

Basically, this means that we can promptly inform you about the steps that need to be taken in order to solve your problem pertaining to paid advertising on Google. Please note that, initially, consulting does not imply us implementing the suggested changes, however, this still can be discussed on an individual basis.

In contrast to our coaching sessions that last a minimum of 1 hour and are primarily designed to educate you, within the limits of the consulting offer, you can ask us any questions that you may have and we will do our best to provide the best solution possible as fast as possible. Depending on your preferences and our capacity, a reply to your question can be provided either in the form of a detailed email or a call.

Finally, we want to assure you that the extensive practical and theoretical product knowledge of our team will not disappoint you as we will do everything to handle cases of any complexity. Don’t waste your valuable resources because of the faults in the set-up of your campaigns. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation. We are looking forward to helping you!

SEO & Content Marketing. How is It Connected?

Like we’ve already discussed in the article about website creation, having your own website is simply a must for each company. If your business already has one, then how well does it rank in search engines?

From what sources does the majority of visitors come to it? I can assume that the share of search traffic is small, but don’t be disappointed, since this is absolutely normal for most business websites.

The fact is that, in accordance with a long-established situation, search engines give preference to information websites with lots of high-quality and detailed content, as well as a clear structure.

Obviously, during many years of the existence of the Internet, people have learned ways to circumvent search engine algorithms, knowing what exactly robots need.


I must admit that it did really work for some period of time. In some instances, even very good, however, the development of search engines also does not stand still and we see that now it’s way harder to deceive their algorithms than it was several years ago.

Behavioral factors start to play a more important role, that is, how people themselves react to your content.

As a result, it is safe to say that in 2021there is no longer any sense in using those short-term, and not always completely honest methods of promoting websites, which a lot of people used a couple of years ago.

                                          Our approach to SEO

I want to emphasize that at become visible, we by no means want to guarantee specific results in search, or promise to optimize your website for specific search terms, as some companies used to do it, and probably may still continue to do.

What we believe in is filling the website with useful and high-quality content, its thorough structuring and optimization not only for the search robot but primarily for its visitor, that is, the potential customer.

Personally, being a supporter of a far from new, but very popular and relevant trend in Internet marketing, which is called content marketing, I believe that in the end, sooner or later, but good content will be finally noticed by search engines, of course, with the help of certain actions aimed at its promotion.

Yes. Unfortunately, whatever one may say, you need to promote the content anyway. Especially in competitive niches, the promotional activities always take several times more time than actually writing the content.

However, you should understand that trying to promote a poor-quality website or content is just a waste of time and energy since no matter how hard you try to push it, it will still “fall down” in the end.

Moreover, people in general simply got tired of the fact that marketers are trying too hard to load them with intrusive ads and force them to action with their loud but crude slogans, as it has been done for many decades (and now I’m talking not only about the Internet but also other media, such as, for example, television and the press).

                                  The gist of content marketing

The whole point of content marketing is that a person should not feel as if we are at any cost trying to urgently sell something to him, but to begin with, he simply needs to get to know us, get some useful information from us, learn something new, or just have a good time (which is rarer, but nevertheless, can take place in certain niches).

Moreover, usually, we need to carry this out not once, but several times with one person in order to prove to him or her that we are real specialists in our field.

After this, we will be stored in their memory as the first company, that they will think about, or which they will consult when they find themselves in a situation where they need our product or service.


One more advantage is that since this client is loyal to our company, with a high degree of probability, he will come to us again, which means that he can become our regular. A regular, in turn, means, first of all, that we do not spend resources on finding a new one, but simply earn more.

But this is not all, because in this case, he will certainly recommend us to his friends, relatives or acquaintances, which in turn will have a very positive effect on the promotion of our brand.

And this, accordingly, can mean that our company will become larger and profit will increase since deep inside each of us understands that people are often willing to pay a lot more just for the brand, the trust, and many other different feelings that can be associated with it.

                                   A method that has a future

Finally, I hope that I was able to explain to you my logic, as well as the connection between seemingly two different things, which are often presented as 2 different services.

In the framework of our cooperation with the company, we primarily help to determine what kind of content your target audience needs, what they find useful and interesting and after that, help with its creation, design, publication, as well as promotion.

In order to make the content as accurate and high-quality as possible, we always create it in close cooperation with representatives of the business with which we work.

Practice shows that although this complex approach to promotion is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, it’s the most optimal at the moment in terms of long-term investment of time and money, or in other words, has the best return on investment in the long run.

Generally speaking, the content marketing strategy can and should be used not only for free methods of website promotion but also for paid campaigns. Think about the future of your business!

Website Creation/Development & Conversion Optimization

Do you / your business have your own website? We can say with confidence that in our time, this is the first and most important thing that a business owner who wants his company to be represented on the Internet should take care of, which, in turn, has already become a necessity.

Regardless of whether your company has pages on various social networks or directories, as well as how popular they are, your own and independent resource on the Internet is simply a must.

                    Your website makes you independent online

Any page on a social network can not rightfully be called your own, as in reality, it simply is a “guest” on one of those platforms, each of which has its own terms and conditions.

This means that theoretically, it can be removed from there any day, and moreover, the reason won’t always be clear. I guess you’ll agree with me that, firstly, this is simply unpleasant, and secondly, there is nothing good when your success and income depend on things that you cannot even control or influence.

                   You will be able to make changes yourself

Moreover, on your own platform, you can implement absolutely any idea and make it exactly the way you want. Obviously, at the very beginning, this will be possible only with someone else’s assistance, however, I personally build and advise building websites on one of the most popular and flexible platforms in the world.

Its advantage is that at the very initial stages you will not need to worry about the fact that you don’t have a very clear idea of ​​how the site should look like. In fact, the only thing that cannot be changed in the future is a domain name, or in other words, the name of the site itself.

With everything else, you can freely experiment, that is to change and complement both the design and information itself, or the so-called content.

                    Basic training on operating the website is included

If you use our service, after the work on the site is completed on our side, having a password, you can log in as an administrator and easily make the necessary changes, as the site development package also includes a short training on using the basic functions of the platform.

As I’ve already mentioned in the article about our coaching service, one of the things that set become visible apart is the fact that we often combine consulting with coaching in the sphere, in which we have practical experience. In case you would like to extend the training about the content management system (CMS) or related tools, then this would also be possible.

Have you ever been afraid that when having a website, you would need to contact a programmer or a so-called webmaster in case something needs to be changed? Well, this can be true to a certain extent, however, in most situations, I’m sure that you can just forget about that.

The developed website, if desired, can be linked/have direct links to your pages on social networks, as well as to your Google Maps listing, which is very effective.

During the initial development of the website, we also pay attention to conversion optimization.

                             Website Conversion Optimization

In case you already have a website that you personally are satisfied with, then you might think that now all that’s left is to make sure that someone visits it, or in other words, that it gets traffic.

And what if people are already visiting your site, but there are still too few sales and most people leave it without performing the desired action?

You can assume that the problem is in the people themselves, that is, in the quality of traffic, and in some situations, this may actually be the case, however, there is another potential problem.

The fact is that people can also leave the webpage, for example, simply because it does not inspire confidence in them, they are not completely satisfied with its design or structure, or for some reason, they simply do not immediately see what they want to see there.

In the case of the websites created by us, we begin to optimize its elements in accordance with the topic and niche of your business from the very beginning. In the case of already existing sites, what, in fact, is the problem, can be determined in several ways.

The simplest of them is an independent and unbiased visual audit of the website, as well as its comparison against other successful sites in a similar vertical.

Another of them consists in a thorough analysis of the user behavior statistics on the website with the help of special programs that will help to understand its weak points.

The final step is making the proposed changes to the website, followed by testing the results of the experiment. I assure you that very often things that may seem simple and obvious at first glance can greatly affect the conversion rate.

We are sure that even from the same number of visitors to your website there is always an opportunity to get more customers.

Google Ads Management Services

                           Why are people afraid of paid traffic?

I think that it’s no secret to anyone that despite all the potential disadvantages (the biggest of them is money) and pitfalls, paid advertising still works, and this is a fact. By saying it, I mean not only advertising in search engines, but also social media ads.

There are people who despise paid advertising or are simply afraid of it because of potentially high costs or the total loss of a budget. No, I’m not denying the fact that it can become true for many beginners.

ppc management

However, from my point of view, the problem is that these people just don’t know how to use it properly because of a lack of knowledge and practical experience.

What you should understand is that paid traffic is not a lottery. You shouldn’t guess and hope but know and control what you’re doing, constantly testing new things and adapting to the current situation.

Paid ads are all about the money you’ve spent in order to get a return on investment. It’s that simple. As you can see, it’s not scary at all if you’re cautious and fast in making necessary changes.

                                     Paid advertising or SEO?

I want to admit that, personally, I always prefer to approach different things thoroughly and comprehensively, which means that I do not recommend using paid advertising as the only source of traffic to your website.

First of all, as the English proverb goes, putting all your eggs in one basket is simply short-sighted, because if, for example, you have some financial difficulties, then the termination of financing will stop advertising and, consequently, the influx of new customers.

However, the huge advantage of paid traffic is that you can quickly test different strategies and understand what best works for you and your business.

paid advertising setup

If you are a business owner who wants to improve the visibility of your company on the Internet (I want to remind you that this entire site was created just for you), or if you have already read my general article about types of advertising on the Internet, then I believe that you are probably wondering which path you should choose in terms of promotion.

Whether be patient and engage in search engine optimization of the website, (best of all, by using our complex approach that uses content marketing), or allocate the budget for setting up paid advertising in the search engine results page, YouTube, Google partner sites or social networks.

paid advertisement setup

I must tell you that you should not bother much about this, as every experienced marketer will confirm that the key to success lies in the advisable usage of all available methods of promotion (if it’s possible).

Obviously, after you try both of them, over time you will begin to understand which of the methods of attracting customers to the website is the most optimal for your business and the niche as a whole.

However, even this does not mean that you will have to dwell on one thing. You can simply allocate most of the budget to something specific. For example, leave only a certain type of campaign in Google Ads.

                                       Setup of ads on Google

More specifically, our company specializes in Google’s advertising platform called Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), which is a really massive and extremely flexible piece of software with a lot of settings and boundless opportunities.

Google Ads system represents all main methods of online advertising and is divided into:

  • Search campaign – text ads and call ads directly at the top or bottom of the search results page and on the search partner websites
  • Display network campaign – banners, text, and responsive ads with pictures and text at the same time on the Google partner websites plus ads in the Android and IOS applications
  • Video campaign – video ads on YouTube and partner websites
  • Shopping campaign – ads with images, price, and some text mostly in Google shopping section and also search results page
  • Discovery campaign – high-quality image ads with text on YouTube, in Gmail, “Discover” feed (Google’s search app)
  • Universal app campaign – various mobile app install ads on all possible Google platforms. Applicable in case your business is based on the creation of smartphone applications.
  • Performance Max campaign – a new solution from Google that automates the process of choosing networks that your ads can serve on. In other words, your ads can serve everywhere to try to provide you best results possible.

This particular form of collaboration with us that this article is dedicated to is a more classic one. What I mean by this is that it implies us setting up or optimizing your Google Ads account/campaigns and getting you results without your active participation in the process.

It will suit business owners who either don’t want or simply don’t have time to get to know the ins and outs of working with Google Ads and simply want a ready solution/results. For those who want something different, I highly suggest getting familiar with our coaching sessions.

                         We work with clients of different types

Perhaps you have already decided that you would like to advertise your business using one of the methods mentioned above, but simply don’t have confidence in your abilities and do not know where to start?

I can assume that you also may not fully realize which one best suits your specific product or service.

Or maybe you already advertise your business using one of the above methods, but are not fully satisfied with the results? I do also understand that most of your time is probably being spent on running the business, not marketing it.

pay per click management

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us using the form on the right for an absolutely free consultation and discussion of further collaboration.

Remember, thoughts and plans alone will never change life for the better, will not attract new customers, and will not increase sales. In addition to this, if you’re already running campaigns on Google, there is a very high degree of probability that you’re wasting a certain part of your advertising budget.

Do not be afraid to act, try and experiment, and we, in our turn, will be happy to help you with it, and at the same time, share our experience.

                               Why is it worth working with us?

As mentioned in the article with our story, “Become Visible” is a young, small, but ambitious project. What sets us apart is that in addition to the well-known goals of any commercial project, we also pursue other, more global ones.

Namely, our goal is to prove what the advantage of working with a small company is compared to giants.

Having worked as a Google Ads support representative for 5 years, I know how corporations are treating their customers better than anyone else. Yes, as I’ve mentioned, our small team consists of former Google Ads support employees and this helps us to know what to expect from Google. I’ve personally seen many customers making numerous mistakes and wasting their budgets that could not be reimbursed. We just don’t want you to follow their steps.

That’s exactly why our main advantage is a fully personalized approach to the client, which for many reasons is very often impossible in large companies, where everything works on the principle of a conveyor.

Another fact is that having the desire to gain your trust, we offer such a rare form of cooperation as a fixed rate that primarily depends on the amount and the lifetime value of customers acquired with our help (in other words, a performance-based pricing model).


Yes. We do understand that to pay for a service that doesn’t bring you results is a very unpleasant experience. If you don’t earn and are not satisfied with the results – we don’t feel pleasure getting your money.

In addition to that, think about the fact that without taking the industry-standard percentage of your monthly budget, as most agencies do, but using a payment model that directly depends on our common results, we logically prove that we are really striving for the result, since we earn only if you have leads/ transactions/paying customers.

As you can see, by working with us, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The only question that is left – why not give it a try? We’re looking forward to your message!

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