Website Creation/Development & Conversion Optimization

Do you / your business have your own website? We can say with confidence that in our time, this is the first and most important thing that a business owner who wants his company to be represented on the Internet should take care of, which, in turn, has already become a necessity.

Regardless of whether your company has pages on various social networks or directories, as well as how popular they are, your own and independent resource on the Internet is simply a must.

                    Your website makes you independent online

Any page on a social network can not rightfully be called your own, as in reality, it simply is a “guest” on one of those platforms, each of which has its own terms and conditions.

This means that theoretically, it can be removed from there any day, and moreover, the reason won’t always be clear. I guess you’ll agree with me that, firstly, this is simply unpleasant, and secondly, there is nothing good when your success and income depend on things that you cannot even control or influence.

                   You will be able to make changes yourself

Moreover, on your own platform, you can implement absolutely any idea and make it exactly the way you want. Obviously, at the very beginning, this will be possible only with someone else’s assistance, however, I personally build and advise building websites on one of the most popular and flexible platforms in the world.

Its advantage is that at the very initial stages you will not need to worry about the fact that you don’t have a very clear idea of ​​how the site should look like. In fact, the only thing that cannot be changed in the future is a domain name, or in other words, the name of the site itself.

With everything else, you can freely experiment, that is to change and complement both the design and information itself, or the so-called content.

                    Basic training on operating the website is included

If you use our service, after the work on the site is completed on our side, having a password, you can log in as an administrator and easily make the necessary changes, as the site development package also includes a short training on using the basic functions of the platform.

As I’ve already mentioned in the article about our coaching service, one of the things that set become visible apart is the fact that we often combine consulting with coaching in the sphere, in which we have practical experience. In case you would like to extend the training about the content management system (CMS) or related tools, then this would also be possible.

Have you ever been afraid that when having a website, you would need to contact a programmer or a so-called webmaster in case something needs to be changed? Well, this can be true to a certain extent, however, in most situations, I’m sure that you can just forget about that.

The developed website, if desired, can be linked/have direct links to your pages on social networks, as well as to your Google Maps listing, which is very effective.

During the initial development of the website, we also pay attention to conversion optimization.

                             Website Conversion Optimization

In case you already have a website that you personally are satisfied with, then you might think that now all that’s left is to make sure that someone visits it, or in other words, that it gets traffic.

And what if people are already visiting your site, but there are still too few sales and most people leave it without performing the desired action?

You can assume that the problem is in the people themselves, that is, in the quality of traffic, and in some situations, this may actually be the case, however, there is another potential problem.

The fact is that people can also leave the webpage, for example, simply because it does not inspire confidence in them, they are not completely satisfied with its design or structure, or for some reason, they simply do not immediately see what they want to see there.

In the case of the websites created by us, we begin to optimize its elements in accordance with the topic and niche of your business from the very beginning. In the case of already existing sites, what, in fact, is the problem, can be determined in several ways.

The simplest of them is an independent and unbiased visual audit of the website, as well as its comparison against other successful sites in a similar vertical.

Another of them consists in a thorough analysis of the user behavior statistics on the website with the help of special programs that will help to understand its weak points.

The final step is making the proposed changes to the website, followed by testing the results of the experiment. I assure you that very often things that may seem simple and obvious at first glance can greatly affect the conversion rate.

We are sure that even from the same number of visitors to your website there is always an opportunity to get more customers.